So  you’ve spent many years searching the highs of heaven and the lows of Tinder finding your soulmate, you’ve been through it all to finally find him and now you have to do it all over again … to find THE DRESS of course; well at least this time it’s fun!

source link From experience, I hate to say it but finding THE ONE ranges from person to person.

source site Karen found THE ONE with the very first dress she had tried on. On the other hand, it took Kim at least 10 dresses and a very expensive and awkward visit to a bridal showroom. It took a best friend of ours 10 bridal shop visits and a good cry but at least she looked fabulous in the end.

When finding THE ONE it’s really important to have an open mind. It’s even more important to leave any preconceived ideas behind. Try on as many dresses as possible INCLUDING those that you don’t instantly like because as most of us girls have experienced – things look incredibly different when it’s actually on. It’s true, you’ll be very surprised.

It’s always nice to get an opinion from your BFF or your mum but remember to not make your selection high on champagne, don’t let any diva’s or bickering swamp your thoughts… AND above all, wear what makes YOU feel beautiful. Listen to your instincts! Similar to finding your husband-to-be love finds you when you least expect it.  When you know, you’ll know.

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