February 2017 - Kim & Karen

February 2017


The Ultimate All-White Wedding

mail order avodart Cannes, celebrity parties, summer festivals; we’ve seen a common theme – ALL WHITE. So why should you have an All-White Wedding? Well let us show you some our ideas and you can tell us what you think! Timeless, classic, and eternally elegant is what we are thinking!   We love how these flowers have been paired with candle lit lighting to set the tone to your All-White special day! For those that are lusting after a more outdoors wedding then why a more rustic all-white theme? The great thing about this theme is how easily it can be applied and adapted to fit your taste therefore making your wedding completely unique and personal to you.  From the above picture this all white theme has more of a demure royalty vibe to it. We love the idea of having real flowers in your hair as well as these beautiful corsages for your bridesmaids! It’s such a personal touch and feels really romantic; a touch of nature in its full glory. Though this invitation looks rather simple, but it many cases less is more and this is no exception. We adore the calligraphy! Who would have thought 4 letters could portray such a powerful message. As for an All-White indoor option how timeless modern is this ceremony? Everything is so clean and simple yet speaks volumes! From the transparent chairs, trees defining the aisle to the endless supply of petals on the floor. It truly is spectacular. All-White Peonies are fast becoming a classic don’t you think?

http://mapnomads.com/page/2/ A clean and simple wedding cake to end today’s blog seems fitting! 3 tiers and thoughtfully placed flowers to compliment the neatness. 10/10 outstanding.

buy Pregabalin in uk For more inspiration why not watch the video on an All-White Wedding from the Queen of Weddings herself Martha Stewart

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A Botanical Garden Wedding

Gardens; something so special and magical about them. Timeless, feminine, flexible, modern – all the key qualities necessary for your dream wedding.  I’ve never come across any bird, bee, girl, princess? or anyone for that matter that doesn’t enjoy a good old garden…. it seems like a rather obvious choice to have your wedding set in a garden, although we don’t just mean any garden. We mean the grandest most spectacular of all… we mean business when we say a Botanical Garden. So why the heyyy not?

We adore the relaxed and welcoming sense we are getting from a Botanical Garden themed wedding. The great thing about this theme is the various different ways it can be interpreted. For us we like to stick we natural toned palates so that 50 years from now when you look back on the pictures you will still be blown away; standing the test of time. In terms of the reception, we have 2 contrasting ideas; one outside and one inside respectively – both equally fabulous. We wanted to showcase how spectacular this theme can be and limits are endless. Something really imitate but this type of wedding… perhaps it relates to the beauty of going back to nature.We love the use of real flowers and leaves as the decorative pieces, after all it is a grand garden wedding! Make sense I guess!
Something so simple as the variation leaves wall is so simple to DIY yet such an effective back drop for your guests to take pictures in front of! We also love how bespoke and rustic these hair combs are! So dainty and it’s a rather personal touch which is perfect for your wedding. When we were looking for inspiration on Botanical wedding cakes, never in our greatest of dreams did we ever expect to find such a mother of all wedding cakes to end ALL garden wedding cakes. This is exactly how you do it! Of course no Botanical Wedding is complete unless the guests are given a piece of your wedding to keep and treasure. How about this cute wedding plants as a wedding favour? We adore the “Let Love Grow” tags! Some cute and sweet chairs just because we love them and want you to squeeze into your dream wedding!

For some further inspiration why not check out the video on The Hive at the world famous Royal Botanical Kew Gardens.

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A Gothic Romanticism Wedding

Not for the faint hearted but certainly for those who dream of romances, mysteries, and medieval castles. Something about dark and moody creates the perfect majestic setting for a Gothic Romance Wedding.
Dark and eerie moods yet something about this ceremony set up is so raw and original. It’s truly a perfect set up to share those lifelong vows and declare your love for one another.
   We are loving this feminine bouquet, the black peonies add that hint of gothic drama which is definitely a unique choice for a beautiful bride.  This veil is just to die for – gothically speaking. It’s incredibly unique and I don’t think I ever seen anything like it.
The array of black butterfly appliques are so delicate and we love the decorative beaded tassel. It’s the perfect final touch. 100% Not entirely sure how Gothic these jewels are… however they are unique keeping with the Gothic theme. We love how the originality of the ring in that the diamonds are ordered in a cross shape. As for the necklace we adore how the necklace highlights the femininity of the back. A subtle way to flirt with the groom. Very cheeky.  Keeping with the Gothic theme, we are lusting after this dripping in gold icing wedding cake! It’s seducing our eyes to eat it! And of course we need to wash it down with BLACKBERRY champagne,  I’ve seen strawberries in champagne but again I can’t say I’ve ever seen the blackberries in fizz. Well when in Rome…This reception is literally draw dropping. We’ve completely fallen in love with this eerie Gothic theme. A Gothic theme may not be everyone’s cup of tea but minus the blood, vampires and Count Dracula it’s actually a incredibly romantic in an intense way.  Think Barcelona Gothic quarter, some of the world’s most impressive architecture!

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A Black and White Wedding

Black and White two timeless colours. Just like the Bride and Groom what more do you need?  Sometimes the love is so apparent that evidently a wedding doesn’t need any others colours. Naturally their love will radiate the spectrum of colours.

In terms of the ceremony, it’s clear to see that even with just two main colours of Black and White we cannot underestimate visual  impact it will create. Grand. Wow. Timeless. In this case, less is definitely more. In terms of the venue, we love any site with a black and white checkered floor, also imagine what the sky would look like if we released all these black and balloons. The first word that comes to mind is… spectacular! Some traditionalists will tell you that lilies aren’t your typical wedding flowers, however we say traditionalists wouldn’t go for a Black & White themed weddings, further lilies aren’t traditionally black. Needless to say you are about embark on your new life so why not create your own traditions? OK now we are down to the important part. Shoes! No wedding is complete without a pair of Jimmy Choos. From there 2016 Bridal Collection and semi loosely sticking to the theme, we LOVE LOVE LOVE these classic courts! And lets to be honest even if the theme wasn’t B&W we would still be fitting them into our wedding somehow! Where there is a will there is a way because I DO in CHOO! There’s no contest that this reception complies with the Black & White theme. We love how the unorthodox seating arrangement co-exists with the square dance floor taking center stage. Image doing your first dance as Husband & Wife on this dance floor! How dreamy right?! In terms of the table placement, it doesn’t get better than this right?!  It’s akin to something from Alice through the Looking Glass! How don’t even know where to begin with this cake! Matte black – I’m not quite sure if “simple” is the correct word to use because frankly, when do you ever see a matte black cake?!! White roses on a solid gold tier. Creativity on point!

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A Garden Wedding

The best wedding we’ve ever been to was hands down a Garden wedding, that’s right – you read it correctly.. a back garden wedding. Something about the intimacy that really created that unique atmosphere that most weddings are unable to attain.

Even though it’s a garden wedding doesn’t mean budget or tacky. Truly speaking, the limits of a garden wedding is down to imagination. We love how the drapes creates the grand entrance of the aisle. It really is spectacular and fresh.

Of course any garden wedding has to have lemonade upon arrival for our closest and most loving guests, speaking of which what better way to show them your appreciation than letting them bit involved in your wedding  in the form of a family decorative tree! In terms of the dinning area we like the rustic effect of classic garden chairs paired with the sphere lighting. Very boho chic. Catering wise, beer barrow and an array of donuts! No complaints at all from our side! I mean it is a wedding after all! For even more intimacy and a whimsical feel; we suggest even more fairy lights!  As for the bride, well she definitely needs this hair! The roses and vines are picture Garden Wedding perfect!

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