If you ask us in the entire history of weddings what our favourite mother of all themed wedding is… there can only be answer… the wedding that creates the most fun and relaxed yet magical atmosphere…the wedding that makes every grown adult feel young again. The wedding that brings our creative side out. This can only be an Alice in the Wonderland wedding!  Whimsical Wonderland Inspiration, think talking rabbits, pocket watches, teacups…  no you haven’t lost the plot but yes there are no rules and all things are possible. 

Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatters and through the looking glass. A Unique Wedding Inspiration!

Alice in Wonderland vintage tea party themed topsy-turvy-cake! Edible tea cups made from ice cream cones and cookies!

How many of you have dreamed of a wedding that will have beautiful gardens, flowers and colorful decorations like in Alice in wonderland? Well, you can make your dreams come true by setting the theme of your wedding with something like this!

We adore the feminine design of this wedding. All things weird and unique yet it’s such a picture perfect moment!

Pocket watches are the perfect decorative piece to set the tone of the wedding! Victorian wedding boots for a different and original choice of footwear for your big day!

Whacky colour choices and the most unorthodox wedding table settings you could possibly imagine… yet everything fits so perfectly together. We warned you there are no rules to this theme. It literally is a blank canvas for you to express your personality. 

We love this black and white stripy table placement. Use vibrant floral arrangements to make the design really pop! We love how this bride is secretly rocking her inner Alice underneath her elegant attire! Truly very fun!

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A wedding that doesn’t make sense … however I guess that is the Alice theme!  View this video does bring some Alice style inspiration!

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