cytotec order online Maybe a bit over the top for some but actually a PEACOCK theme wedding can be incredibly beautiful! It can be as subtle and equally as bold as you make of it. Legend has it that peacocks are the symbol for integrity and beauty.  Historically in Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with representing patience, kindness, compassion and luck.  So we think why not have a Peacock wedding?! Keep on reading for some inspiration! Subtle shades of Peacock Peacock glam your wedding shoes as easy as adding a handmade Peacock brooch and if you’re feeling confident why not Do It Yourself?  Evidently from this wedding Peacocks are a symbol of nobility and can certainly add the Glam factor into your special day. We all the deep purples and teal – a perfect colour combination to have an evening to remember.

We adore these peacock feather wedding boutonnieres, we can’t imagine how any groom or groomsmen won’t want to accessorise their lapels with them! The wicker touch would also make it great for a rustic wedding.

Too much or not enough??? We love how this looks like a wedding straight out of Sri Lanka A more subtle and classic peacock touch for those brides who want a less flamboyant peacock wedding.

A alternative take on the traditional wedding cake… a perfect option for not having to worry about cutting the wedding cake into enough portion for every single guest.

A million shades of peacock and all so perfectly placed to reflect the elegance of the wedding.

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Watch the video below for some DIY peacock decorations!


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