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About Us

buy cytotec no prescription Kim, London bound
Kim took courses at London College of Fashion to study fabrics. Gaining an understanding of their components is essential in selecting the best fabrics to complement the female body.

cytotec no rx in us Karen, Shanghai based
Karen works closely with the most established dressmakers and the rising talents to ensure both quality and affordability is to delivered to you.

Kim and Karen met in 2012 whilst Kim was an expatriate in Shanghai, both bonding over a mutual love for all things fine and fashion.

Upon getting engaged in 2014, Kim began her quest to find the perfect wedding dress. Like many ladies before her, when the time came to choose that all important dress, Kim too discovered that she desired couture dresses and visionary gowns however, the idea of re-mortgaging the house for a dress that was only going to be worn once, did not quite have the same appeal!
She couldn’t help but wonder was there a way to look beautiful and keep her wallet happy?

Thus, a few weeks later over a coffee in chic Shanghai cafe, Karen introduced Kim to a family friend and wedding dress designer that had just graduated from Shanghai’s top fashion school. In addition to being a graduate of the prestigious ‘Donghua University College of Fashion’, she also came from a family of dressmakers, with a long history of designing fabulous wedding gowns. This experience of meeting with such a gifted local dressmaker opened Kim eyes to the rich fashion talent in Shanghai. Why wasn’t the opportunity of buying a beautifully designed and affordable wedding dress more widely available?

Kim & Karen believe that every bride deserves to feel special and look beautiful on the single most important day of her life. A day that every bride has been dreaming off since she was a little girl. We believe brides shouldn’t have to compromise on their dream dress, that’s why Kim & Karen offers UK based elegant and timeless wedding gowns with premium finishes at affordable prices!