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A 2017 Tropical Beach Wedding

source April 05, 2017

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An Ultimate Boho Beach Wedding March 10, 2017

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A Modern Barn Wedding Theme

Order Tastylia Oral Strip Online January 19, 2017

Be sure to check out and read our latest blog entry on Kim & Karen’s vision of a modern barn themed wedding. Barns aren’t just for farmers and country animals! Think more fine dining in an intimate rustic setting. You and your guests won’t be disappointed!

That Wedding Moment

January 12, 2017


A more personal image from a special Kim & Karen bride! The bride is wearing an original Kim & Karen custom made dress, made with endless layers of whismical tulle and spanish lace; this is the perfect combination to create a dreamy fairy tale princess. It’s safe to say that in THIS dress she has met her match; her prince. To of which she agreed for better and for worse.

New Year Honeymoon Travels

January 5, 2016


One of the best things about getting married is planning the HONEYMOON! So you have the options of the classic Maldives, Seychelles, Italy… the list is endless. But why not try something new and different. We found this image of the spectacular valleys of Kashmir, India. The colours are extraordinary don’t you think?

New Year, New ME

January 4, 2017


Don’t you think 2017 has come around so fast?! We had such a fabulous 2016 and we are so grateful for all our experiences and lessons learned. We’re taking 2017 every day as it comes and view this year as 365 days worth of new opportunities. Let’s not waste and days and try to live life to it’s fullest. Bring on all the new challenges! Happy NEW YEAR!

Creative Wedding Desserts

December 28, 2016


We love how these creative ice cream Popsicle reminds us of our childhood. Reminiscent of a fantastical unicorn, we think these would be perfect for a summer wedding…we’re thinking non traditional, relaxed, intimate, the love is all around… destination wise Santorini 100%. Not only do these look sweet and adorable but they so creative that we cant image anyone hating on these!  They look so visually delicious that they will not disappoint.

Pretty Blooms for the New Year

December 27, 2016


The colours of this bouquet makes us so excited for the NEW YEAR! Doesn’t these vibrant colours remind you of the beauty of a sunset?  Be thankful for the lessons of the past and embrace the blessings of a new year. A new year a new you! We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to see what the new year has installed for us.

At Last…Save the First Dance

December 16, 2016


So you’ve been pronounced Man and Wife. Now you need to display your love to the world to see by busting a few rehearsed moves. I have to admit, my husband and I took over 10 ballroom lessons but I was so terrible at dancing, not only do I have 2 left feet but I also have no sense of rhythm. On the day of the wedding and when we got to the moment of our first dance we both chicken out of it and ended up just doing a bit of a freestyle, my husband spun me around and almost DROPPED me BUT at least we danced with love! The standards of the modern wedding now demands that the Bride and Groom has to put on a show for the guests otherwise it’s not considered an EVENT but what happened to the era where weddings were innocent, people got married for love in front of just a handful of meaningful guests?  Now with social media, youtube and just the internet in general, the entire world can attend your wedding and moreover, couples are now purposely “surprising” guests with choreographed routines in an attempt to become viral internet sensations. What are you thoughts? The big debate, the first dance – love them or loathe them, do you enjoy watching per-rehearsed routines?

All things Sweet and Pretty

December 15, 2016


While being a Bride is a full is a time job in itself, one of the best benefits is the CAKE TASTING! We spent hourssss picking out the wedding cake. Kim had 3 simple requests… 1. Layers 2. Decorative real flowers and 3. Red Velvet! Pretty much a winning combination I’d say.  So we found this image from a Brazilian company. Judging by the cake – one thing Brazilians have is good taste. We beyond love the eye catching metallic gold finish on the first tier, the spectacular feminine floral display, finished with a clean simplest top layer because evidently, less is more. This cake will certainly be the grand finale to officiate husband and wife.

Lusting for a Magical Reception

December 14, 2016


Can we take a moment to talk about this image! Whaaaaaaat! We found this enchanted table setting on Pinterest from an American Event company. Firstly love our the whole quaint and whimsical mood created by the candle lights but dear gosh, can we please take a look at those chandeliers enclosed in vine! How ridiculously dreamyyyyyyy! Those chandeliers are the envy of all brides I must admit! We particularly love the clean botanical vibes this reception is giving. It’s a timeless classic setting which will be appreciated for generations to come. There’s just something so romantic about an outdoor wedding that no indoor wedding can ever beat. If you like today’s wedding inspiration and you want to see more, click here!

Wedding Flowers to End All Floral Decorations

December 13, 2016


Look at this mammoth wall…all the vibrant beautiful colours and the pretty flowers…… oh so heavenly! This image literally encapsulates every little girls floral dreamssss. Decorations honestly doesn’t get much better than this! Back in 2012, Raf Simons (the once new head) at Christian Dior debuted his latest Couture collection. We read that one million (YES ONE MILLION) flowers were used to make this wall installation. Well, we didn’t have that type of budget for our wedding but my goodness – money well spent I’d say! Raf Simons didn’t last long at Dior but don’t you think his vision of endless arrays of flowers enchants the Miss Dior fantasy?  Sadly Kim & Karen both missed out on floral wall installations but by giving some visual inspiration we are hoping to live vicariously through one of you bride to be-s! To view the absolute extent of this installation you can watch it here (it truly goes on foreverrrr)!

What Shall I wear to my Best Friend’s Winter Wedding?

December 12, 2016


Christmas is upon us, a time for Santa, Jimmy Choos and of course Weddings! It’s hard enough to be deciding what to wear for the Christmas Party but what do you wear to a wedding… a Winter Wedding? Well considering the temperature any floral maxi’s and your fancy strappy sandals will be out of the question. However, according to The Telegraph you should invest in a chic coat because weddings involve a great of mingling shingling (seems like a sensible option). If you’re brave enough to bare your arms wear than why not a Cape style coat because nothing screams Winter more than a cape! The Telegraph also says you can pull off your favourite sandals by wearing in over denier tights (YES you read that correctly), Alexa Chung may look good in this combo but she can wear mens clothes and still look great)… um that’s maybe one step too far for us. A more sensible suggestion from Kim & Karen is to rock the velvet and metallic (which is bang on trend this season). We love velvet mid length dresses and metallic pencil skirts, pair those with a deep plum lipstick and you’re onto a winner!

Dreamy Fishtails on POINT

December 08, 2016


We beyond adoreee the endless layers of tulle on the skirt of the Southern Romance dress, the layers are reminiscent of a dreamy delicate feeling. The intricate lace on this gown originates from the Spanish masters who have specifically crafted this lace for the use of wedding dresses. This dress would be perfect for a bride looking for a statement couture piece on her special day.

Brides on a Mission to find THE ONE

December 09, 2016


Ever wondered how you know when you found THE ONE? Read Kim and Karen’s own personal experiences on choosing the wedding dress to end all wedding dresses. The secret? Leave all your preconceived ideas behind; be open to all dress styles.

Vintage Fairytale Steals the Showcase

December 10, 2016


We love the detail on the bodice of the Royal Vintage Fairytale wedding dress. The beautiful floral champagne embellished appliqués are to die for! The selection of this dress was inspired by royalty – a truly showstopping a princess ballgown to evoke the romance and femininity of vintage styles.