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An Alice in Wonderland Wedding

enter site If you ask us in the entire history of weddings what our favourite mother of all themed wedding is… there can only be answer… the wedding that creates the most fun and relaxed yet magical atmosphere…the wedding that makes every grown adult feel young again. The wedding that brings our creative side out. This can only be an Alice in the Wonderland wedding!  Whimsical Wonderland Inspiration, think talking rabbits, pocket watches, teacups…  no you haven’t lost the plot but yes there are no rules and all things are possible. Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatters and through the looking glass. A Unique Wedding Inspiration!

buy cytotec without prescription Alice in Wonderland vintage tea party themed topsy-turvy-cake! Edible tea cups made from ice cream cones and cookies!

How many of you have dreamed of a wedding that will have beautiful gardens, flowers and colorful decorations like in Alice in wonderland? Well, you can make your dreams come true by setting the theme of your wedding with something like this!

We adore the feminine design of this wedding. All things weird and unique yet it’s such a picture perfect moment!

Pocket watches are the perfect decorative piece to set the tone of the wedding! Victorian wedding boots for a different and original choice of footwear for your big day!

Whacky colour choices and the most unorthodox wedding table settings you could possibly imagine… yet everything fits so perfectly together. We warned you there are no rules to this theme. It literally is a blank canvas for you to express your personality. 

We love this black and white stripy table placement. Use vibrant floral arrangements to make the design really pop! We love how this bride is secretly rocking her inner Alice underneath her elegant attire! Truly very fun!

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A wedding that doesn’t make sense … however I guess that is the Alice theme!  View this video does bring some Alice style inspiration!

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2017 Biggest Wedding Trends

For those trend setting fashionistas, after much research and careful thought AND best of all – in time for your wedding! Kim & Karen has compiled your guide to 2017’s biggest wedding trends  Yes we know, trends will come and go whilst wedding photos will last forever BUT these trends are not only beautiful but we believe they will be sticking around for a long time!

All things greenery and don’t forget the gold! Gone are black and white weddings, 2017 means gold and green! They are in and are here to stay! Imagine Botanical Gardens with the addition of Glam… now style your wedding to your imagination’s content!

Metallic colours are the the new nude tones. YES that is right, metallic is the new white. It’s such an effective way to set the formal atmosphere yet it brings so much modern glamour. Be sure to add a dark undertone to make the colours pop! Hint: Rose gold – we called it first!

Bouquets are will remain a fundamental essential to a bride’s outfit but 2017 will witness the new era of blooms. We are talking about mismatch flowers paired any vibrant bloom. When you’re selecting your floral arrangement remember to go big and go bold!

Not only do we love vibrant floral arrangements, the biggest 2017 trend that we adore are clever lighting! There are a number of reasons why, firstly it’s budget friendly, secondly it of course makes the event romantic and intimate and lastly it’s a really fantastic decoration and frankly these loose dangling light-bulbs are a great talking point!


When we speak of the The Crown we think 80s weddings, queens and princesses, but you’ve heard it here! Yes they are making a comeback. It’s not just for royalty anymore – minus the diamond jewels and plus the dainty flowers; they are indeed so pretty and will be on every bride’s 2017 wedding accessory list.

Oh yes, not only does 2017 call for the comeback of CAPES but specifically we predict that a Kim & Karen Cape Desire dress will be bang on trend for a  2017 wedding! Bride’s Magazine recommends to ditch the veil and opt for a cape, we couldn’t agree more!

Wedding invitations are getting more creative and crazier! According to Style Me Pretty, brides are asking for all things bigger and better, this includes metallic foils, cut out stencils, actual photography of the bride and groom on the stationary, basically as many new creative elements as possible to set the tone of the 2017 modern wedding!

Finally 2017 will see more destination weddings! Everyone loves holidays and sunshine so why not! With dare I say it.. brexit, trumph and what not; it makes sense right? Many brides are opting to forgo of their tradition grand weddings wherein anyone and everyone is in attendance and instead going for a smaller more intimate affair with there meaningful nearest and dearests. Good choice we say!

Check out this video for more 2017 Wedding Trends

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Wedding Inspiration

So you’ve just got engaged and you of course don’t need any inspiration because you’ve had your dream wedding planned out since you was 10 years old. BUT we just love and adoreee these dreamy images. Take a look because as a wise bride once said inspiration comes from everywhere.

1. Its true, there is something magical about a winter wedding. It looks even more sublime with an ALL WHITE theme, sometimes simple is more. Minimalist and glamorous at its best.

2. This lighting just exudes a warmth and magical romance. It creates such an fairytale feeling. We can’t even begin to articulate the love we have for these lights. Who would have thought it? 1000 light bulbs – genius! We WANT IT!

3. Look at all those heavenly flavours. These Naked Cakes are on point. Victoria sponge and Chocolate cake all in one! Spoiled for choice! We’ve just died looking at this image. Even Mary Berry would be proud.

4. Make up goals! We’re thinking, the natural no make up make up look because my husband finds me the most beautiful with no make up on. We think this bride looks like an absolute visionary dream.

5. Pretty blush pink phoney roses and ivory white hydrangea are a perfect combination for a princess bride. This bouquet arrangement is so cute it hurts. The great thing about this floral arrangement is that it will truly suit all dress styles.

6. Nothing screams excitement more than these handmade invitation cards! Imagine announcing the date of your outdoor country rustic wedding with these floral intricate designs.

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