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Dress for Your Body Shape

We’ve heard so many people say short brides shouldn’t wear long dresses or pear shaped brides shouldn’t wear sheath style gowns, all is well, however no one body shape can fit perfectly into a single defined category. So firstly, we can’t stress enough, shape or no shape, the most important factor is that the bride personally herself feels confident and beautiful.

We’ve come across some Bridezilla’s in our time (Kim being one), and the dreadful mother who didn’t even think her own daughter looked good but hey the main thing was the bride felt good and she rocked the gown.

There are some laws on dress shopping for the female body shape, but dress shopping is not exactly the study of particle physics so these laws are not necessarily tested and proven. Every bride’s figure is different, and as we mentioned previously not everyone fits into a defined box, and also bear in mind, during the run up to your wedding, the chances are your figure will fluctuate like mad.

One critical thing to remember is to choose a silhouette that will highlight your best-loved assets and conceal your less-favorable traits.

We’ve done our homework and have saved the best bits in a footnotes guide on dressing for your body shape.

get link Body Shape Suggestion Petites – Simple airy sheaths or structured trumpets with vertical panels and deep V necklines to elongate your frame. Busty – Square straight neckline or necklines with a subtle scoop. Illusion skin-baring details on the top will be your new BBF.

Lean/Straight – Voluminous skirts with a body-con top to create contouring seams and illusions of curves.

Hour glass – Show off your mid section girl! Highlight your tiny waistline. Think – fit and flare because you’ve got it all!

Pear shape – Full layers of skirt to balance and conceal the figure, slim fit waistlines to contour the body followed with a detailed bodice on top.