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A Bohemian Festival Wedding

With Summer officially here, it can only mean it’s time to get the colours and your most boho attire out! Thats right, it’s festival season and with this comes a bohemian bride! Weddings and Festivals; our two most favourite things so why not combined it and make your wedding a Festival themed wedding! Check out our latest entry and read on for some inspiration!

With love this cake, the colours, the flowers, the decoration, frankly everything about this image set the tone and inspiration for our wedding vision!

A reception table setting to die for! All thing vibrant and perfect. We love the pairing of the earth tones. Its a whimsical natural feel.
What we love most about this theme is the use of the colours! Colourful flowers and other details make this wedding a vibrant celebration!

A brilliant photo idea for a festival bride! Where Coachella meets weddings!

Imagine saying your vows  in front of this backdrop!  There’s something magical about it…OK call up hanging obsessive but when it comes to the design and mood creation of the wedding, the skies really is the limit.
This season states that hanging  wedding decor is one of the most HOT trends and we totally agree!

Wild vibrant flowers are the perfect final touch for a Festival Bride.No Festival Wedding is complete without and element of straw bale! Who said festivals couldn’t be glamourous!? Check out those fairy lights and that chandelier!

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Watch the video below for some Festival Wedding planning ideas!

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All Things Peacock

Maybe a bit over the top for some but actually a PEACOCK theme wedding can be incredibly beautiful! It can be as subtle and equally as bold as you make of it. Legend has it that peacocks are the symbol for integrity and beauty.  Historically in Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with representing patience, kindness, compassion and luck.  So we think why not have a Peacock wedding?! Keep on reading for some inspiration!

Subtle shades of Peacock

Peacock glam your wedding shoes as easy as adding a handmade Peacock brooch and if you’re feeling confident why not Do It Yourself?  Evidently from this wedding Peacocks are a symbol of nobility and can certainly add the Glam factor into your special day. We all the deep purples and teal – a perfect colour combination to have an evening to remember.

We adore these peacock feather wedding boutonnieres, we can’t imagine how any groom or groomsmen won’t want to accessorise their lapels with them! The wicker touch would also make it great for a rustic wedding.

Too much or not enough??? We love how this looks like a wedding straight out of Sri Lanka A more subtle and classic peacock touch for those brides who want a less flamboyant peacock wedding.

A alternative take on the traditional wedding cake… a perfect option for not having to worry about cutting the wedding cake into enough portion for every single guest.

A million shades of peacock and all so perfectly placed to reflect the elegance of the wedding.

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Watch the video below for some DIY peacock decorations!


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A Magical Fairytale Wedding

With Beauty and the Beast making a comeback and hitting our big screens, we have taken inspiration from Belle to bring you your weekly guide to a magical wedding. Without further-a-do we present to you… A Fairytale wedding! Enjoy!
Channelling our inner Beauty and less of our beast we adore this floral arrangement, it’s perfect for setting the mood of this wedding… it’s very enchanted forest fairytale. This décor would be fantastic for an outdoors wedding for more of an ethereal princess bride.
 Of course not fairytale wedding is complete without a touch of Snow white! Minus the deadly spell, these ruby red apples would be absolutely lovely as a table décor piece. A very cheap and innovative table piece, you can definitely DIY it yourself!

We love this! Imagine finding The One, saying I DO and then walking down the aisle as Man and Wife  <3
We can’t wait for you to live happily ever after with your Prince!
We adore this! A million Roses (of course in Pink) and beyond perfect for all Princess brides-to-be!  When it comes to a fairytale wedding, there can only be one choice of flower… take a guess it’s in every Disney movie!

A ceremony doesn’t get more fairytale like than this! Very regal and a vision of all our collective fairytales put together.

And… for our brides who have live their sole lives as Cinderella, we’ve found your carriage and glass slipper!
You can thank us later! The pleasure was all ours!

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For a real life Disney Wedding come true view the below video!


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Your Tropical Wedding Inspiration

With clocks set to British Summer Time this can only mean wedding season is officially here, get out your best gear out ladies, we’ve only just gone and prepared the ultimate inspirational guide to a Tropical themed wedding!Tropical wedding styling is one of our favourite new trends. It’s easy to achieve and looks incredibly effective. For table settings, instead of traditional floral arrangements use succulents plants to to achieve a fresh, modern take on your traditional wedding decor. As for china and cutlery we love the use of metallic colouring.

We love this laidback luxe feeling, cross back chairs and exotic leaves – and of course the great open outdoor air.
The key to mastering the Tropical themed wedding is rustic lights and its all in the use of exotic looking Tropicana plants, leaves and vibrant colours. Think simple but very elegant orchid runners and Palm fronds laid down the center of the table. The great thing about this theme is that you could do it in any colors and reflect your personality;  white, green or purple would be beautiful.

We love how creative this theme can let the bride get! How could have thought a pineapple can also double up as a vase?! Not only do pineapples smell great but what a great talking point!

With this theme, we are thinking loose island waves and coral blooms. Yes that is a succulent plant hidden in the crown…

We got this invitation through the post there wouldn’t be any second guesses what we should be wearing…

When it comes to a tropical wedding you can’t say no to ombre cakes paired with vibrant blooms and flamingoes.

The thing we love must about this Tropical theme is the thousands of choices we have in flowers. Although slightly controversial in our choices of blooms for both the table scape and the bouquet… but mixing traditional peonies and roses with exotics florals definitely works! On the eyes the range of colours looks stunning.

For more ideas on a Tropical Wedding read the blog by and then check out the video below!

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Your Prettiest Pink Wedding

Pink weddings an idea for the girliest of all girls and the biggest of all princesses whom have spent their entire lives dreaming for their prince. This has got to be the most feminine and girly blog entry I have ever written! But even under every strong woman there is a little bit of a girl so, here we go… inspiration for your Prettiest Pink Dream wedding.

An entire array of strawberries covered in pink chocolate, looking pretty as well as tasty. It’s almost too pretty to eat but I guess it’s somewhat of a healthy treat for your guests, well it is fruit after all!

Pink lemonade because Beyonce and Nicki Minaj is making it an essential to every wedding this year! Not forgetting these fantastically cute pink popcorn for your guests, you can use them as wedding favours or simply a whole hearted wedding snack should you chose to screen Pretty Woman because hey every gal dreams of marrying a rich man?

Three tremendous choices of  bakes fit for your big special pink day! We love the shabby mismatched floral wedding cake but we also adore the ombre meringue kisses and not forgetting the hand painted floral macaroons! Oh the choices, from a girl’s perspective we think desserts just simply look better in pink!

Call us old school but we believe it’s not a wedding celebration without balloons!
Pretty in pink vintage style earrings! Simply understated! Make sure you wear your hair up to show off how gorgeous these are!

For a special pink day our floral vocabulary can only suggest Pink Peonies; simply because not only are they romantic, they are also extremely elegant and feminine AND they are our favourite! You can’t contest that!

Sweet baby jesus, this table setting is every little girl’s pink wedding dream come true!

Yup going by these pictures; its safe to say a bride may have quite possibly died and gone to pink heaven!
Well as for the dress, it’s a pretty obvious Kim & Karen choice! Pink can only mean that it’s time to work your inner most princess so why not try our Royal Vintage Fairytale princess style ballgown!

In case you haven’t had enough… for some more pink love check these out!

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Shades of Blue for a Spring Wedding

We don’t know about your girls but when we think of Spring we associate it with BLUE. Some may think that’s super weird but being born and raised in London, I don’t often see sunshine or blue skies so there is a legit reason to some degree! So, putting 2 and 2 together for those that are getting married in the forthcoming months, we think you Spring Brides should consider a BLUE themed wedding! SO without further ado…

Not only does this bouquet look fresh and fun, it also has that Wonderland element to it don’t you think? I mean when do you ever see Blue flowers, seriously! This bouquet is made up of Blue & Green Wedding Thistles, Hydrangeas, Peonies, Delphinium, Nigella, and Astrantia Freesias – a whole latin that we can’t pronounce!

Typically, wedding’s usually follow a neutral colour palette, you know the nudes, whites some may adventure into pink BUT don’t underestimate the Blue. We love this dusty blue, it’s a timeless and elegant tone, and why not kill two birds and use it as the perfect ‘something blue’ for your big day! We love the vintage looking blue glasses paired with the gold cutlery!

We’re swooning over this ice blue and cool grey buttonholes! A fabulous choice for the groomsmen and fathers!

Say whaaat! Are our eyes deceiving us?! We’ve seen red velvet but BLUE velvet!? That’s right it’s an all blue affair! Why not suprise your guests with this navy blue velvet cake! We hear it’s a relatively straight forward bake so if your feeling brave…

A poetic blue wedding invite to set the mood for your guests. No shock surprises as to what the theme will be! Very glam yet tasteful we must say, we like the subtle gold foil.  This invitation certainly has our seal of approval!

We adore this blue dress, we think it would be perfect for as an evening gown for a destination wedding. The great thing about Kim & Karen is how they are now offering an affordable custom-made wedding dress service! So for those brides that want to get involved in designing your blue dream dress get your ideas together and contact us!

So you got a Kim & Karen dress and saved yourself a small fortune so why the hell not buy yourself a pair of Manolo Blahniks to walk down the aisle in! Sticking with the blue theme follow Carrie Bradshaw’s footsteps and say I DO in these royal blue satin hangisi!

We must admit, when we think of Blue and jewellery, we can’t help but think of TIFFANYS but given how we already recommended the ridiculously expensive shoes, we thought we would reign it in and suggest these GORGEOUS pear shaped aquamarine and crystal pendent earrings to complete your perfect blue look!

For more ideas on a blue themed wedding as well as other colour scheme check out this video by the Queen B Martha!

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Your Guide to A Boho Beach Wedding

Sun, sand, sea, blue skies and the chances of rain is pretty close to zero… makes sense for a Beach Wedding right? Although…anyone can have a Beach wedding BUT it takes a Kim & Karen bride to have a Boho Beach Wedding… Imagine the sunset, sand and sea… now take a look at this cake! Yup we agree… this cake literally is the reflection of our dream beach wedding! The beauty of having a beach wedding is how creative you can get with such an open space, we also love the idea of having the wedding during the sunset, not only is it more beautiful but also practicality wise, it will be much cooler and those guests who burn at the first sight of sun and breathe a little easier! How perfect are these decorations! Such an effective way of adding colour to your dream wedding!    We genuinely love these colours and playful-ness of these tassels. It is such an easy way (and inexpensive way) to make a bog standard chair stand out! Our childhood memories recall that no beach seaside is complete without ICE CREAM and weddings are no exception! Of course no Boho wedding is complete without a cute table setting! And sticking to the crystal clear waters and sunset beach theme! We adore the delicateness of this setting! WE DO!  Oh my gosh! How original and creative is this boat fridge hah! This definitely will be the talking point of the dinner service!  First rule of a Boho weddings – no shoes. So we don’t have our Jimmy Choos to add that show stopping effect! BUT these floral ankle accessories are frigging EPIC. We LOVE them! And frankly who needs £800 shoes when you can have these for a fraction of the price (we still love you Mr Choo)! 

How quirky are these wedding invitations? So original, small and practical! Ticking all the right boxes!

Ohh.. lastly, the MOST IMPORTANT part…. the dress, we have the perfect little number for you! It goes something like this… you can thank us later :p

For some makeup inspiration for your boho beach wedding check out this video

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A Real DIY Homemade Wedding

We hear the average wedding now costs £30,000. Seems like a hell of lot of money considering most young couples are also struggling to get onto the property ladder! In areas where we if think you can, its a lovely idea to Do It Yourself and save those pounds! You’ll be surprised what you can do yourself and it really does all add up! There’s something about DIY’s wedding that are so quaint and cute! Everything is so much more personal and welcoming. The fact that you’re creating your own dream and vision with your own hands makes it that much more special. This invitation was completely handmade and is very simple but effective! The only thing limiting your invitations is your imagination so why not make something that YOU want and have those dream invitations exactly how you want it to look like. We love the authenticity of this backdrop, it would be a lovely setting for your guests to have their pictures taken.   We love the set up of these ceremonies, it looks incredibly effective considering it can be done yourself.  Very pocket friendly so it’s win-win all round. We love the hanging flower pots and the colourful hearts. We think this is such a creative way to mark out the aisle.  We adore this sign post, it’s a perfect way to set the tone and theme for your guests upon arrival. We love this reception and the use of shabby – chic blended into one. The fairy lights make it that much more special.  The detailing in the decorations is what also adds to a memorable wedding, who knew simple jars covered in glitter and sunflowers could be so pretty and feminine? All materials of which you can find and prepare in your home! We beyond adore these flowers, a combination of lavender and daisies. Such simple flowers which can be seen everyday yet taken for granted. What makes this floral pieces so beautiful are how relatable they are… little girls making daisy chains in the school field with her best friends. These simple flowers bring back so many memories. Cute and colourful little sweets and crayons to keep those little guests  occupied while the grown ups and busy by the bar!

All images featured in today’s blog are REAL DIY images from REAL weddings! These ideas have been tried and tested, go ahead you brides can do it! Give it a go!  At £30,000 you have nothing to lose!

Check out this wedding for inspiration on making your own Wedding Invitations!

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A Rooftop Modern Wedding

For those of you new engaged brides-to-be that are more of a modern day woman, perhaps a traditional wedding isn’t your preferred brew. If that’s the case then why not try a Rooftop Wedding theme? From these images, we can see the variation in play between different roof types and spaces. The beauty in this theme is 100% the intimacy. The open air, surrounding plants and maybe being high in the sky? anyway… a combination of these factors can create such a unique feeling that no other wedding can create.  Rooftops are truly such a unique space that can be adapted into any shape or form a bride wishes it to! The most important factor is how incredibly romantic these types of weddings can be. Marrying in you’re favourite city in front your favourite people, to your favoruite man, yes I do.    Night or day, the reception can be equally out of this world. The beauty of this wedding is the open air and how magical everything looks high up and close. Why not celebrate a marriage in front of the iconic skyline of your city? The defining thing about a Rooftop Wedding is how modern it is. Everything is new and unorthodox yet still complies with the elements of a traditional wedding? The key to a successful modern wedding whether it be on a Rooftop or not is the use of different colours and the play of shapes. For us personally, we love the colours copper and rose gold, these tones are extremely complimentary paired with shades of blue and for us are the modern colour palette.

Check out this video for Rooftop spaces in NYC

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The Ultimate All-White Wedding

Cannes, celebrity parties, summer festivals; we’ve seen a common theme – ALL WHITE. So why should you have an All-White Wedding? Well let us show you some our ideas and you can tell us what you think! Timeless, classic, and eternally elegant is what we are thinking!   We love how these flowers have been paired with candle lit lighting to set the tone to your All-White special day! For those that are lusting after a more outdoors wedding then why a more rustic all-white theme? The great thing about this theme is how easily it can be applied and adapted to fit your taste therefore making your wedding completely unique and personal to you.  From the above picture this all white theme has more of a demure royalty vibe to it. We love the idea of having real flowers in your hair as well as these beautiful corsages for your bridesmaids! It’s such a personal touch and feels really romantic; a touch of nature in its full glory. Though this invitation looks rather simple, but it many cases less is more and this is no exception. We adore the calligraphy! Who would have thought 4 letters could portray such a powerful message. As for an All-White indoor option how timeless modern is this ceremony? Everything is so clean and simple yet speaks volumes! From the transparent chairs, trees defining the aisle to the endless supply of petals on the floor. It truly is spectacular. All-White Peonies are fast becoming a classic don’t you think?

A clean and simple wedding cake to end today’s blog seems fitting! 3 tiers and thoughtfully placed flowers to compliment the neatness. 10/10 outstanding.

For more inspiration why not watch the video on an All-White Wedding from the Queen of Weddings herself Martha Stewart

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