Corporate Social Responsibility

source url follow url A Dynamic Duo with a Transparent Mindset.

no prescription Methocarbamol buy Kim & Karen’s objective from the get go is to encourage a transparent fashion programme.
This epitomises our approach to business.

A transparent fashion programme means that we conduct our business with the mission to act responsibly to our customers, the environment, and our greater society. We aim to manage our business so that our stakeholders and everyone involved in Kim & Karen are knowledgeable and aware that when we buy and select our products, we consider where the product originates from, the effects it has on the people, environment and the general industry. Our customers can enjoy and buy our products with confidence knowing that Kim & Karen actively promotes a positive business and a transparent outlook.

Kim & Karen actively works with other aspiring independent small businesses owners within our greater supply chain, so that together we can assist one another in our mutual growth as well as leveraging these partnerships and relationships we have built to deliver the best quality goods to our customers.

Even though we are a small dynamic duo; we know what our customers expect – an honest company with strong morals.